My views on normative ethics Part 2 – Consequentialism

This is part of the series on normative ethics on the three major schools of moral systems.

Consequentialism is a school of normative ethics that asserts that consequences are the only important thing when it comes to being moral. This means when a person can kill 5 to save 25 (all else being equal), that it is moral to kill the 5 to save the 25 people. A common criticism of Consequentialism is we cannot predict all the consequences, therefore Consequentialism is a bad ethic. The problem with this is that it applies to pragmatism and that by the same reason reject it. however, it is impossible to reject pragmatism without being a hypocrite because people acting to achieve their goals is by definition, uses pragmatism. thus this criticism is soundly refuted. there is an interesting variant of Consequentialism called rule Consequentialism that says that the moral thing to do is to abide by rules that tend to achieve the best results when followed. I am a Utilitarian myself to be honest, so I am not unbiased when it comes to this sort of ethics.

‘Next is Virtue Ethics for part 3


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